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Architects of Digitalization

Business Value from Data

We help our customers turn data into business benefits, new innovations and streamlined processes by building digital architecture solutions that provide a competitive edge.

Our solutions take full advantage of data across traditional system boundaries. We pull business data from silos and build digital architecture solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and are scalable to meet future needs. 

Our experts implement demanding integration, architecture and data projects quickly and efficiently with Microsoft Azure technology. 

Are you ready to start your journey in data-driven cloud transformation?


Digital Architecture Solutions for Cloud Transformation

Organizations get the most out of cloud transformation when solutions are designed in a truly data-driven and cloud-based manner. Cloud1 provides its customers with services where data, processes and ways to leverage data override traditional system-based solutions.


Architecture Steering

Architecture steering helps companies build an overall picture of their data and understand how it can be used to add value to their business.

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Modern and Scalable Data Platform

Cloud1’s Data Hub concept helps you build a modern, future-scalable platform with a single data core.

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Product Development Services

We design customer-driven and data-intensive solutions in an agile manner using the latest cloud technologies.

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End-to-End IoT Services

Customised IoT solutions provide you with more information on your business, improve productivity and reduce costs.

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Proactive Service Management

Business continuity is assured through a proactive maintenance service. The service uses automation, intelligent foresight and artificial intelligence.

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Check Out Our Work

Here are a few examples of our projects. Please contact us for more information.

Alko Inc
Business Development Requires One Truth of the Data

We designed a modern data platform for Alko that is flexible, scalable, and ready to meet future growth requirements.

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integration platform blueprint


Azure Integration Platform as a Service Blueprint

For you, who is interested on how API's, and more widely integration platforms affect your organization:How they can be leveraged to make your business and processes more efficient?

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Our customers

Meet some of our customers. We help companies across various industries to turn data into a competitive advantage.


Get the most out of the cloud with Azure

Key examples of the latest Azure services and technologies we use.

Integration & API Management
Web Apps & Containers
AI & Analytics
Data Storage
DevOps & Development Tools

Cloud1 is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in DevOps, Data Analytics, Data Platform, Application Development, Cloud Platform, and Application Integration. The certifications are a guarantee that Cloud1 can deliver demanding projects that require expertise in different areas of competence. Extensive expertise enables agile implementation of projects.

Business Benefits from Data

Improve business productivity, streamline processes, and develop new services.

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