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Voland Partners will accelerate the growth of Cloud1, a cloud consulting company offering data-driven business development solutions

Voland Partners will make its first investment in Cloud1, a company that produces solutions for Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, and thus it will become a minority shareholder in the company. Cloud1 has an excellent reputation amongst both its employees and customers. The megatrend of cloud services and data utilisation, combined with a good working practice, has propelled the company to an average annual growth of about 40 percent.


The Microsoft Azure partnership has been part of Cloud1's strategy since the beginning. Cloud1 comprehensively masters the transition to data-driven cloud services and its vision has brought significant added value for its customers.


‘Cloud1 is strongly focused on accelerating its customers' data-based business operations by building centralised data platforms in the public cloud. Cloud1 stands out with its superior technology skills and it also invests heavily in corporate culture. We are glad to join the Cloud1 team and to support them on their journey of growth’, says Erkka Niemi, chairperson of the board of Voland Partners.


‘Voland Partners is an investor and co-entrepreneur that knows what to do when working with growth companies in the technology sector. As a minority shareholder in the company, Voland can support us in a way that strengthens our operations and accelerates growth,’ says Henri Aalto, chairperson of the board of Cloud1.


Cloud1 employs more than 60 experts and it has around 40 customers. Cloud1's goal is to significantly increase its business operations in Finland as well as to expand its operations abroad.


Additional information: 

Henri Aalto, Chairperson of the Board, Cloud1, +358 50 464 7657, henri.aalto@cloud1.fi

Erkka Niemi, Partner, Voland Partners, +358 40 713 1568, erkka.niemi@voland.fi


Cloud1 is a Finnish specialist company focused on data-driven cloud service solutions. Cloud1 helps its customers transform data into real business benefits, improve productivity and increase process efficiency. Cloud1's services consist of Azure expertise, architecture design, agile development of analytics, data and integration solutions, as well as Microsoft advanced analytics and low code solutions. In 2022, Cloud1 had a turnover of around 8 million euros.