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Data Work Innovators Unite: Cloud1 Acquires Devisioona Oy

Cloud1 accelerates its growth through acquisitions in Finland and abroad. The company aims to become the leading AI-era service company in the Nordic Microsoft ecosystem.

Information management company Cloud1 has acquired a majority stake in Devisioona Oy, a firm specialized in data integration, software development, and Microsoft AI solutions.

Founded in 2015, Devisioona employs 30 people. The company's revenue was approximately 2.6 million euros last year.

Cloud1 specializes in data platforms and data management systems built with Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

The acquisition provides Cloud1 with new expertise, especially in the development of AI-supported user interface layers and integration applications.

"Devisioona and Cloud1 are pioneers in their respective specialties as development partners in Microsoft technology. The founders of the company have the ability and courage to challenge but also demonstrate concretely in their operations how the IT industry can be genuinely renewed in a way that emphasizes customer value," says Seppo Kuula, Chairman of the Board at Cloud1, who led the strategic renewal.

Following the acquisitions, Cloud1 is now well-positioned to quickly respond to growing customer demand, which centers on expertise and the transfer of knowledge to the client's organization, rather than just technology.

"In this service work, Cloud1 has particularly been a pioneer in the design, construction, and maintenance of Microsoft Azure and Power Platform technologies. Devisioona, in turn, is a leading company in the field of interface and integration solutions as well as in the development of traditional and new AI-based user interfaces. These directly address the rapidly growing and AI-accelerated customer demand," explains Seppo Kuula.

Jouni Heikniemi, founder and CEO of Devisioona, is one of the world’s 180 Microsoft Regional Directors and has been recognized as the 2023 Microsoft Influencer for his work with Azure cloud and AI.

According to Heikniemi, the merger of Devisioona and Cloud1 creates a competitive advantage from expertise that few companies can offer in Finland and the Nordics.

"The end-to-end entity now being formed is quite rare in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our competitive edge is also enhanced because both companies have reinvented the way IT consulting is conducted and have been able to develop their services directly at the core of the client's business," Heikniemi states.

Cloud1 is now particularly focusing on Microsoft’s recently launched data management platform, Fabric.

"Realizing the benefits of Fabric requires a deep overall understanding of an organization's business, structures, and capabilities. Here, we can assist our client in such a way that IT investments can also yield business results," Heikniemi says

New acquisitions are being prepared

Acquisitions are a key component of Cloud1's new growth strategy, aimed at developing Cloud1 into the leading data management service company in the Nordic Microsoft ecosystem.

To finance these acquisitions, the private equity firm Voland Partners, which had previously invested in Cloud1, will make an additional investment in the company.

The next acquisition targets are already in sight.

"We are exploring a few interesting acquisition targets in Finland and abroad. It's possible that negotiations could yield results within this year," Kuula explains.