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Punainen Risti

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Centralized Data Warehouse makes Data Available

Picture: Jarkko Mikkonen, SPR

Finnish Red Cross needed to improve the availability and usability of data in developing its operations. The existing customer relationship management system required additional capabilities, as it alone was not able to meet the organization's needs in the desired manner. The new data warehouse implemented by Cloud1 brought improvement to this issue."

Cloud1 has been a partner of the Finnish Red Cross for several years, for example in e-commerce integration projects. From this collaboration, the focus has expanded to data solutions, and now further development is underway in areas related to data warehousing, data mass transfers, and reporting, as well as designing a comprehensive architecture to support these.

The implemented data warehouse provides data, for example, for the reporting and analytics needs of the Finnish Red Cross' fundraising unit and the Oma Punainen Risti service for volunteer activities. In the future, the data warehouse is also intended to be used for the needs of other services by offering new interfaces to the distribution layer.

A Centralized Data Repository Brings Efficiency to Fundraising Reporting and Analytics

Case SPR: Keskitetty tietovarasto tuo datan saataville

Picture: SPR, kuvaaja Benjamin Suomela.

One of the users of the new data repository is the fundraising unit of the Finnish Red Cross (SPR). CRM Manager Marianna Preller shares more details.

The old customer relationship management system previously used by the Finnish Red Cross had to surrender in the face of massive amounts of data. The existing solution was unable to provide comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities necessary for the development of the organization's activities.

Previously, leveraging information was challenging and laborious as it required endless manual work. To develop and analyze fundraising efforts, it was essential to gain a more comprehensive understanding of donor behavior, for example.

Now, the organization receives continuous real-time reporting on matters important to them, enabling them to better develop their operations.

Preller explains that many things have improved with the new solution. Measuring, analyzing, and reporting fundraising results are more agile than ever. This has made fundraising development work easier as well.

Resources can be used more efficiently, and the process has become more streamlined. Fewer hours are spent on manual work. Calculations and forecasts can be made more easily, and the organization has a clear and real-time view of what's happening.

"Previously, reporting was like a snapshot of one thing. Now we have a continuous and real-time view," describes Preller.

In the future, the plan is to take the solution even further and increase the amount of data that can be utilized.


"Guiding, planning, and developing our operations is now easier because we have more information available".

Marianna Preller

CRM Manager | Finnish Red Cross

The Cloud1 Data Hub Concept Applied as a Modified Version

The implemented data repository is a version of the Data Hub concept, focused on addressing the organization's needs through the adoption and distribution phases of the Data Hub concept. These phases have allowed us to overcome challenges associated with the old system while also providing added value to other services by improving data availability.

The Cloud1 Data Hub concept combines data storage, distribution, and integration between business applications into one cohesive entity. This solution is not tied to a single purpose but can communicate through various communication methods and handle different types of data securely and reliably.

In the implementation for the Finnish Red Cross (SPR), data is still imported from the existing customer relationship management system. Data from the system is brought into the Azure SQL data warehouse, where it is processed, reconciled, cleaned, and distributed through interfaces. In the future, this can be scaled to a more suitable Azure SQL Data Warehouse for storing even larger volumes of data.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse seamlessly integrates with services such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks, and Microsoft Power BI, allowing for the construction of a comprehensive modern data platform using Azure services.

The Needs of the Organization were taken into Account in the Project

Marianna Preller is pleased with the smooth collaboration with Cloud1. She particularly appreciates that the partner has been able to consider the specific needs of the organization and recommend the best solutions for them.

"We have been satisfied with Cloud1 because they have understood our unique challenges and have been looking out for our best interests. They have been able to suggest solutions that are tailored to us," Preller emphasizes.

Aki Piisinen, who led the project from Cloud1's side, also praises the smooth collaboration. The expertise and eagerness of SPR's staff to learn new things receive special recognition. Additionally, the project has been meaningful for the team as the values of the organizations align.

Cloud1, Aki Piisinen
"Finnish Red Cross (SPR) is a long-standing and important customer for us. We value the crucial work they do."

Aki Piisinen

Lead Architect | Cloud1

The Utilization of Data Continues

The development work will continue gradually from here onwards. The improvement of data usability and data repository will be ongoing, and data may be made available to new services through interfaces.

This aligns with the intended functionality of Cloud1's Data Hub concept: a modular and scalable solution that provides organizations with a modern data platform for data-driven development, leveraging the best aspects of the cloud.

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