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We help our customers turn data into business benefits, new innovations, and streamlined processes by building digital architecture solutions that provide a competitive edge. Our solutions take full advantage of data across traditional system boundaries. We pull business data from silos and build digital architecture solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and are scalable to meet future needs.

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Cloud1, Tuomo Riihentupa

Tuomo Riihentupa


+358 41 431 1887

Cloud1, Harri Puupponen

Harri Puupponen

Lead Architect

+358 40 550 1175

Cloud1, Henri Aalto

Henri Aalto

Lead Architect

+358 50 464 7657

Cloud1, Jan Tuomi

Jan Tuomi

Lead Architect

+358 50 373 3098

Cloud1, Petri Mälkki

Petri Mälkki

Lead Architect

Cloud1, Tommi Turkki

Tommi Turkki

Lead Architect

Cloud1, Niklas Lehtonen

Niklas Lehtonen

Sales Manager

+358 50 485 0563

Cloud1, Antti Koskinen

Antti Koskinen

Data Architect

Cloud1, Arttu Niinimäki

Arttu Niinimäki

Data Architect

Cloud1, Joonas Soukki

Joonas Soukki

Data Architect

Cloud1, Marko Lång

Marko Lång

Data Architect

Cloud1, Marko Oja

Marko Oja

Principal Data Architect

Cloud1, Markus Laurén

Markus Laurén

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Patrick Stahl

Patrick Ståhl

Data Architect

Cloud1, Petri Ihatsu

Petri Ihatsu

Service Architect

Cloud1, Sanna Uusimaki

Sanna Uusimäki

Data Architect

Cloud1, Saska Saarioja

Saska Saarioja

Data Architect

Cloud1, Teemu Kujanpää

Teemu Kujanpää

Data Analyst

Cloud1, Lasse Rautopuro

Lasse Rautopuro

Data Architect

Cloud1, Anna Saloranta

Anna Saloranta

HR Manager

Cloud1, Erno Bister

Erno Bister

Data Architect

Cloud1, Aleksi Partanen

Aleksi Partanen

Data Architect

Cloud1, Merja Paaso

Merja Paaso

Technical Support Lead

Cloud1, Besnik Konjuhaj

Besnik Konjuhaj

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Heikki Hirvonen

Heikki Hirvonen

Data Architect

Cloud1, Elias Patrikainen

Elias Patrikainen

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Niko Lod

Niko Lod

Infrastructure Specialist

Cloud1, Annu Sarpaneva

Annu Sarpaneva

Office Manager

Cloud1, Anni Kaivola

Anni Kaivola

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Jere Karhu

Jere Karhu

API & Integration Engineer

Cloud1, Roni Savolainen

Roni Savolainen

Solution Developer

Cloud1, Petri Korhonen

Petri Korhonen

Project and Service Manager

Cloud1, Pirjo Leppänen

Pirjo Leppänen

Data Architect

Cloud1, Jesse Turkia

Jesse Turkia

Data Architect

Cloud1, Kron Rexhepi

Kron Rexhepi

Data & Analytics Consultant

Cloud1, Susanna Nenonen

Susanna Nenonen

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Susanna Machuca

Susanna Machuca

Project Manager / Service Manager

Cloud1, Taija Humaloja

Taija Humaloja

Data Engineer

Cloud1, Johannes Sippola

Johannes Sippola

Data & Analytics Consultant

Cloud1, Jari Keiski

Jari Keiski

Data Architect

Cloud1, Joni Ville Asikainen

Joni Ville Asikainen

Data Engineer


Teemu Mikkonen

Data & Analytics Consultant


Jari Hirvonen

Lead Integration Architect


Jarkko Ohinmaa

Technical Service Manager

Cloud1, Janne Schaupp

Janne Schaupp

Power Platform Consultant

Cloud1, Juha Haka-Taivalmäki

Juha Haka-Taivalmäki

Infrastructure Architect

Cloud1, Joona Pellikainen

Joona Pellikainen

Junior Data Engineer


Tuomas Kyytsönen

Data & Analytics Consultant


Sampo Levy

Data Engineer

Visiting address

Vuorikatu 20 A, 4B (floor)
00100 Helsinki

Postal address

Cloud1 Inc
Vuorikatu 20 A
00100 Helsinki
Business ID: 2503586-7

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