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Cloud1 is Future Workplace Certified


Cloud1 received the Future Workplace - certificate in 2023, which is an indication that at Cloud1 corporate culture is led with exceptional employee understanding. In 2023, only 32 companies were awarded the prestigious certificate.

The organizational culture at Cloud1 aims to prioritize personal satisfaction and fulfillment as well as cherish individual passions and aspirations. We take pride in our diverse and inclusive community where every voice is valued. Cloud1 encourages continuous learning and development based on everyone's own wishes and everyone is empowered to mold their role to best resonate with their strengths.

To determine how the above-mentioned factors work in practice, a Siqni employee survey was conducted – the first time for Cloud1.

The Siqni employee survey highlighted the most important factors in an everyday work environment and how effectively these factors are met. In addition, the survey determines an eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) for your company which measures how likely your employees are to recommend your organization as a good place to work. Cloud1 received an excellent eNPS score of 59. For reference, in 2021, the average eNPS score in Future Workplaces-certified companies was 48. Based on the excellent responses, Cloud1 was awarded the Future Workplaces certificate in 2023.

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The most valued factor at Cloud1 was having meaningful job tasks. In addition, other valued factors were fair compensation and benefits, the freedom to work from anywhere, competent colleagues, and opportunities for personal development that align with individual interests and aspirations. The survey findings confirm that Cloud1 has met these criteria well.

The Future Workplace - certificate serves as a valuable recognition of Cloud1’s dedication to creating an excellent working environment.