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Get the Most out of Your Data

We help our customers turn data into real business growth, improve productivity and streamline processes.

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Improve business productivity, streamline processes, and develop new services with data-driven organization

Data enables deeper customer understanding, increased business productivity, better decision-making and the development of entirely new innovations. The rapid development of digitalization and cloud transformation underlines the importance of managing customer data in the future. For data to bring added value to business, it must be used extensively across traditional system boundaries.

Cloud1 focuses on providing its customers with services where data, processes and ways to leverage data override traditional system-based solutions. Organisations get the most out of cloud transformation when solutions are designed in a truly data-driven and cloud-based manner.

Cloud1 | Architecture Steering

Architecture Steering

Architecture steering helps organisations build an overall picture of their data and understand how it can be used to add value to their business. We will help you create a roadmap for using data efficiently, building modern digital architecture, efficient data warehousing and achieving a data-driven cloud transformation in the organisation. We will create a data strategy and roadmap for your business which will provide for future needs and set concrete steps for the years to come.

Customer-Oriented Planning

  • Architecture Steering
  • Development Planning (Data Strategy & Roadmap)
  • Architecture and Security Audits


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Master Data Management

Modern and Scalable Data Platform

Cloud1 Data Hub

For organisations to get the most out of their data, the integrations between data management, storage and business applications must work seamlessly together. The Cloud1 Data Hub concept pulls data from silos and helps organisations leverage it in business development. Using the Data Hub concept, we can help you build a modern, future-scalable platform with a single data core. The concept covers project support, digital architecture design and agile implementation. The modular concept is implemented with Microsoft Azure technologies.

Cloud1 Data Hub

Project Support

  • Agile Project Models and Sparring
  • Data Governance: Designing and Maintaining a Governance Model
  • POC & Demo Solutions

Development Planning and Architecture

  • Architecture Design
  • Integration Planning
  • Concept and Data Modelling
  • Designing Analytical Entities
  • Service Design


  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • DataOps
  • Integrations
  • IoT Streaming

Product Development Services

We design customer-oriented, data-intensive solutions and implement them with agility using the latest cloud technologies. We cooperate with our customers to build new data-based services, applications and products. We innovate new smart business based on customer data. 

Cloud1 | Product Development Services

Design and Architecture

  • Azure Architecture Design
  • Service Design
  • Project Planning
  • Exploring Data Opportunities


  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • UX Development
  • DataOps & DevOps
  • Integrations
  • IoT Streaming
  • Backend Development
Cloud 1 | Comprehensive IoT Services

End-to-End IoT Services

Customised IoT solutions provide you with more information on your business, improve productivity and reduce costs. We design and implement comprehensive IoT solutions that enable companies to utilise real-time data for operational development as well as risk prevention and management. For IoT solutions, we use service design methods to better understand data, enhance customer understanding, and build truly customer-based data-driven products and services.


  • Enterprise Architecture Steering
  • Project Planning
  • Usage and Provision of IoT Data
  • Service Design


  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • UX Development
  • DataOps & DevOps
  • IoT Streaming
  • Backend Development
  • IoT Edge Configurations
  • Provisioning of Equipment
  • Pairing Devices

Cloud1 Pro Services

We ensure the continuity of our services through proactive maintenance. The project team works seamlessly with the customer management team, holding regular meetings to review the status of customer-specific services. In our continuity services, we use automation, intelligent foresight and artificial intelligence to save on maintenance costs.

Cloud1 | Proactive Service Management

Services Automation

  • Error Reporting
  • Run-Time Monitoring
  • AI Based Error Analysis
  • Data Leak Documentation

Services Specialists

  • Dedicated Contact
  • Advisory Services (e.g. Azure notifications and introduction to new features)
  • Troubleshooting Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Disaster Management
  • Error Correction
  • Azure Consumption Management and Reporting


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Alco Inc
Business Development Requires One Truth of the Data

We designed Alko a modern data platform that is ready for future needs and flexibly meets business requirements.

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Our customers

Meet some of our customers. We help companies across various industries to turn data into a competitive advantage.

“What makes Cloud1 unique is that it combines a broad understanding of business with deep technological know-how. When business needs have been defined, they make it easy to implement the solution in practice.”

Kaapro Kanto

CIO | Alko Inc


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Key examples of the latest Azure services and technologies we use.

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