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We help our clients to transition from storing data to maximizing its value. We ensure that our clients gain data-driven business value and new capabilities.

Increased understanding, better decision-making

Business development, improved processes

Productization, servitization, measurement

Our expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of data management and utilization, from source systems to applications and reporting. We start with business objectives and implement comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs using Microsoft's cloud technologies. Supported by our conceptualized delivery models, our work is smooth and of consistent quality. We customize solutions according to your requirements.

We ensure that your organization gains measurable benefits and leverages internal expertise to adopt new practices and solutions.


Advisory Services

With advisory services, our aim is to build an understanding of your business objectives. We propose data-driven innovative solutions and construct a roadmap for your capabilities. We describe broader contexts in a format that can be added to the data development backlog. We produce a change plan that includes phased steps to achieve the objectives. Our vision encompasses customer experience, business and organizational development as well as technical viewpoints. 

Our advisory services:

  • Data strategy
  • Conceptualization of services
  • AI strategy
  • Change management
  • Governance of data and data platform
  • Development of a data-driven culture
  • Development of processes



We implement Azure infrastructure and data platforms tailored to your business development needs, and we ensure your organization's practices and expertise in the maintenance and management of these platforms.

Infrastructure-related services:

  • Cloud strategy and implementation
  • Landing Zones Framework
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Well Architecture Framework



Integrations and Data Engineering

We ensure that data flows from source systems to the Azure platform and from there to the desired end-uses. We build the capability for data reception, storage, and processing. We establish practices and capabilities that ensure data quality, accuracy, and usability in your processes and customer applications.

Integration and data engineering services include:

  • Azure iPaaS (Integration platform as a service)
  • API governance
  • API strategy and governance model
  • Integration management





Apps and Analytics

We implement business applications tailored to your needs using Microsoft Power Platform. We meet your analytics needs using Microsoft's Fabric services. We always start by understanding our client's needs and recommend solutions that facilitate daily work and enhance the end-user experience.

Our application and analytics services include:

  • Current state assesment of analytics solutions
  • ML Framework
  • Power Platform governance model and roadmap
  • Enterprise Internal Search (OpenAI)







Continuous Development and Maintenance

We provide you with an expert team that complements your organization's skills, tailored to your needs. We operate as an integral part of our client's organization and deliver continuous value to your business. We follow a standardized operating model that improves the quality of delivery and speeds up project implementation. By working with us, you will also learn more about utilizing data and building a data-driven culture.

Continuous development services: 

  • Advisory services as a continuous service
  • Data Ops
  • DevOps






Technologies we use

Machine Learning
SQL Server
Analysis Services
Synapse Link
Logic Apps
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Power BI
App Service
Content Delivery Network
Service Bus
Power Apps
Service Fabric
Power Automate
iot Hub
Data Factory
Data Warehouse
Delta Lake
Entra ID
Event Hub
Media Services
Notification Hubs
Stream Analytics

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