Cloud1 helps enterprise customers to capitalize on their data. We turn data into business growth, and help businesses to improve productivity and streamline processes.

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Solutions to
Capitalize on Data

Organizations have masses of data, but some are better at taking advantage of it than others. Cloud1’s mission is to help businesses in the transition from storing data to using it and to lead the transformation from data-driven to insights-driven. 

Only enterprises with well-managed data can digitalize processes and build new data-driven capabilities. Without a strong culture that puts data to the core, businesses are missing a huge potential to be more efficient, streamline their business processes, improve customer experience and make better, data-based decisions. 

Cloud Data Platform Foundation

A solid data security and connectivity framework for data-solutions in the hybrid-plugged world.

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Cloud Architecture

Well-planned platforms to fit smoothly into the enterprise´s overall architecture. Designed for hybrid cloud and/or cloud-only.

Security Management

Designed and maintained security posture and automated processesses

Task Automation

Less work required standardized outcome and just-in-time process handling.


Full CSP offering and advanced Microsoft support programs. 

Shared data | Cloud1

Data Platforms

Create and capitalize data assets through modern, integrated platforms.

Your company’s data is a strategic asset — with endless opportunities for improvements across the business. While the quantity of data many organizations possess is growing, so are the ways to utilize, and the needs for data. 

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Azure Data Platform

Azure architecture for Data Ingest, Store, Process, and Delivery operations.

Azure Integration Platform

System Integrations, Messaging, Orchestration, P2P, B2C, B2B, M2M, -platform.

API Management

Governed API Management automation and monitoring solutions.

Business-driven Data Consulting

Business-driven Data Consulting | Cloud1

Proven methods, best practices, and industry expertise to make your data culture flourish.  We make sure that the right people have the right data at the right moment, and they know how to use it.

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Data Strategy

Comprehensive models for data usage in business and for digital, data-based services.

Data Culture Creation

We help you to craft a company-wide data culture and best practices for handling data.

Data Quality

Solutions with built-in data quality and advanced data handling capabilities. 

Data Governance and MDM

Processes for data handling and governance. Our business-driven consults help you to define what kind of data should be used, how to use and maintain it.

Data and Analytics Solutions | Cloud1

Data and Analytics Solutions

We help organizations to make their data valuable, by analyzing, visualizing, and predicting real-life occurrences in constantly changing business environments.

Data solutions define whether organizations can succeed with data or not. Great solutions need the understanding of the whole lifecycle of data from source systems to end-user

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Reporting and Analytics

Data enables businesses to make better,  fact-based decisions. Our core competence is to fuel and steer the journey together with your internal and external stakeholders.

Data Science

Even the best algorithms do not bring value without proper development and deployment models – we help to bring your ideas to life.

Business Applications

Your ideas turned into solutions by utilizing modern platforms – whether you want to create something new or automate existing processes.

Data Culture

Building a culture of data enablement is a long journey. It can't be achieved without a solid plan, tracking and governance practices.

Custom-made Data Solutions

Sometimes the business needs exceed built-in PaaS capabilities. Maybe you need better visibility to secure data, an interactive way to enrich and calibrate your data, or maybe your data doesn't exist on your premises. We create custom-made data solutions that go beyond the basics.

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Requirements Analysis & Workshops

The initial step to gather business needs, functionalities, and use cases from business.

End-to-end Solution Design

Building systems with well-defined and long life cycle.

Development & Composition

App portfolio: Custom-made, off-the-shelf, centralized, distributed, low-code, full-blown apps.

Ongoing Operations

Continuous development and services combined with DevOps process.

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If you have any questions or just want to learn more about how we could help your business in the path from data to information-driven, have a chat with Niklas Lehtonen. Choose the time that works best for you. The meeting will be held online via Microsoft Teams.

Why Cloud1

Whether you are looking to better understand and optimize technical or business processes, develop new business capabilities, create new products and services from your data or establish a foundation for digital business, we are your partner.

Cloud1 has extensive experience in implementing and creating complex data solutions and the ability to drive change in your business. Our concepts and services are highly conceptualized and tested in practice.

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Business Understanding

For businesses to gain benefits from their data, the solutions have to be designed with the business's perspective in mind.  We are good at combining the technical and business levels as one united solution.

Technological Competence

Cloud1's focus is on Azure Data Solutions. As a gold-level Microsoft Partner, we get pre-access to new technology and participate in private betas..

Best Practice Implementation

Our solutions are tested in over 500 Azure projects. Best practices and industry insights are available for all our customers. 

Consistent Delivery Management

Continuous development and services combined with the DevOps process ensure that our customers get what they are promised  in time and in budget.

Record Month Proves Cloud1 is on the Right Path

Record Month Proves Cloud1 is on the Right Path

Entangled in strategies

Entangled in strategies

Enhanced data profiling with AutoML

Enhanced data profiling with AutoML

Our customers

Meet some of our customers. We help companies across various industries to turn data into a competitive advantage.


Cloud1 is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in DevOps, Data Analytics, Data Platform, Application Development, Cloud Platform, and Application Integration. The certifications are a guarantee that Cloud1 can deliver demanding projects that require expertise in different areas of competence. Extensive expertise enables agile implementation of projects.

Take Full Advantage
of Your Data

Use your most valuable asset — data — to make smarter business decisions, innovate new products and streamline your operations.

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