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CEO's Review of 2023

In 2023, we achieved significant milestones, as the record-breaking month of September suggested. We deepened our cooperation with our current clients, acquired new impressive customers, and grew our highly skilled teams. The past few years at Cloud1 have been marked by continuous and steady growth, and this year was a natural continuum. Respecting our refreshed strategy, we continued to work in accordance with Cloud1's operating methods and values, always emphasizing the best solutions from the customer's perspective, our strong conceptualization and architectural expertise, as well as the importance of collaboration. 

Highlights from 2023: 

  • Our revenue grew by 26%, reaching the 10-million-euro milestone which is a significant jump from the previous year’s revenue of 8 million euros and 22% growth.
  • The steady growth at the beginning of the year turned into a significant rise in May. In September, we achieved a record-breaking month in turnover, surpassing the 1 million euro monthly turnover mark for the first time. The positive momentum continued to the end of the year and still carries into the first half of 2024. 
  • We updated our strategy in collaboration with our venture capital investor, Voland, to sharpen our vision for the future, to meet the demands our growing company faces, and to continue to exceed the high expectations set by our clients and ourselves. 
  • Being among the first companies in the world to earn Microsoft's AI and ML specialization did not go unnoticed by our clients. A meeting without a discussion of AI - is there any anymore? 
  • Customer loyalty has been a sense of pride for us. For the first time in Cloud1's history, we conducted an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey for our customers and achieved a score of 71, which can be considered an excellent result. 
  • For the first time, we conducted customer listening sessions for ten of our clients. The goal of these sessions was to better understand our clients, develop ourselves as partners, and expand our client relationships. We gained valuable information about what our clients expect from us and how we can improve our operations and client relationships. 
  • Our headcount increased to 74 skilled professionals over the course of 2023. 
  • For the first time in Cloud1's history, we conducted a Siqni employee survey. Based on the responses, Cloud1 was awarded the Future Workplaces certification, which is a testament to our exceptionally good understanding of employee perspectives in our corporate culture.

The year 2023 was a success for us in many ways, and we would like to thank all of Cloud1's clients, partners, and our own employees. The forecasts and outlook for 2024 are strong. We will continue our quality collaboration with our clients, striving to serve their business needs even more diversely. We want to be the best partner for our clients and a community that creates well-being for our staff. 

As a final note, I emphasize that we are continuously seeking new professionals for Cloud1. Currently, we are especially looking for data architects and engineers. You can find more information at ura.cloud1.fi

Tuomo Riihentupa, CEO Cloud1 Oy