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Stroll in the Azure IIoT jungle - Cloud1

There are many different services on Azure that are used for IIoT solutions. Playfully I call this versatile stack as a jungle. And why not. We can see few different layers there from usage and also from architectural perspective. But before we go into details let’s take a step back to see the forest from the trees so to speak. Download our blueprint about IIoT.

Rescue abandoned ML algorithm from developer’s laptop, how to succeed in ML?

Machine learning (ML) applications are already used in many businesses, especially in data or analytics-heavy industries. Whether small or large, every organization can have a lot to gain if they decide to utilize advanced analytics. For example, using an optimized supply chain will help decrease costs. Clustering customers will help to target marketing departments' efforts to the right customer group. Classifying customer churn will help target efforts to stop customers who are about to leave, which results in...

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