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Insights, news and perspectives on data, analytics and Azure.

Discovering my custom expectations for Great Expectations

A week after I started to write the first blog post covering Great Expectations framework, I am back at it again. I managed to first create a custom expectation (i.e., a custom data validation rule) and after which I investigated the more formal way of using the framework. Here’s how it went and what I learned.

Rescue abandoned ML algorithm from developer’s laptop, how to succeed in ML?

Machine learning (ML) applications are already used in many businesses, especially in data or analytics-heavy industries. Whether small or large, every organization can have a lot to gain if they decide to utilize advanced analytics. For example, using an optimized supply chain will help decrease costs. Clustering customers will help to target marketing departments' efforts to the right customer group. Classifying customer churn will help target efforts to stop customers who are about to leave, which results in...

Discovering my great expectations for data quality

So, here’s the deal. One weekend I found myself stuck at home in Covid quarantine waiting for the test results for my kid. Instead of watching the TV the entire Sunday, I decided I might try to use my time doing something a bit more productive.

A Data Lakehouse with low-code, please

If you follow any trends in data world, you have probably heard about Data Lakehouse. It’s a new architecture proposed by Databricks that utilises Delta tables as data lake storage format.

A Data Lakehouse with low-code - Implementation

In a previous blog post I talked about how Databricks Data Lakehouse can be created with low code implementation only. That is almost true. System needs to be setup and for that initial configuration some code is needed. What this code does is it creates a mount to storage account that will be used as storage for delta tables. Fortunately this code is well documented and there are multiple guides to accomplish this like this one:...

Azure Synapse fresh from the oven

Microsoft's newest offering to Azure's Data Stack is Azure Synapse. This product has just hit public preview, but I am sure most of you have heard about it all ready. We were lucky enough to have the privilege of participating to the private preview and even before that to the development phase of SQL On-demand feature.

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