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Enhanced data profiling with AutoML

Let's start right from the beginning with a disclaimer: Artificial intelligence still doesn't know how to figure out data quality deficiencies. It can't even search for them very well on its own. You need to show it some love for it to manage. But you can easily get quite many benefits for the task at hand from machine learning as it is today. Data profiling is one of my all-time favorite data development tools. A few years ago, I got to know the Pandas Profiling Python library, which does so much of the work...

Azure Open AI GPT-3 model first impressions

I don't recall such hype from a single technology during my career that Open AI’s Chat GPT has made. As a regular person, I am just as into that hype as the next person. But for it to revolutionize the data industry. Well, for that we might still have a bit way to go. On that path, however, the Azure Open AI is a hefty step in the right direction. Here is a story of my first impressions trying to utilize the new service offering. I wanted to do a text analysis that would, instead of just picking up words, use...

Rescue abandoned ML algorithm from developer’s laptop, how to succeed in ML?

Machine learning (ML) applications are already used in many businesses, especially in data or analytics-heavy industries. Whether small or large, every organization can have a lot to gain if they decide to utilize advanced analytics. For example, using an optimized supply chain will help decrease costs. Clustering customers will help to target marketing departments' efforts to the right customer group. Classifying customer churn will help target efforts to stop customers who are about to leave, which results in...

Azure Data Catalog Gen 2 / Purview

Organisatoric data and reporting secrets revealed Where does this data actually come from?

Validating Azure resource move beforehand with a script

tl;dr Came here just for the script? You can find it here:

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