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6-month report – Have the promises of recruitment been fulfilled?

Solution Architect Aleksi Partanen implements Azure Data Platforms for customers across various industries. Aleksi's expertise lies particularly in solving what happens before the stage where data begins to be utilized, such as in reporting.

Often, organizations accumulate a significant amount of data from their processes, but managing it can be challenging. Additionally, the data may be poorly controlled. A centralized Data Platform provides a solution to ensure that data is accessible in one place – in a clear and controlled manner.

The Data Platform offers a single interface to the data available to the organization. After establishing the foundational capabilities, the focus can shift to generating insights from the data, sharing data with both internal and external stakeholders, and assisting companies in making better use of their data.

New challenges, even hough it wasn't initially Planned

Even though Aleksi wasn't initially actively seeking new challenges, he decided to keep an open mind when he was invited for an interview at Cloud1 over six months ago. The conversation, which began without significant expectations, convinced Aleksi that Cloud1 was the place to be right now. He was particularly drawn to the opportunity to work with the latest Azure products and services.

Cloud1 has a strong focus on Azure technology, data architectures, and versatile data-related solutions. This technological focus in itself helps eliminate distractions, but it's also important to stay at the forefront of developments more broadly.

One concrete example of how their pioneering spirit translates into practice is the recent Private Preview pilot, where Cloud1 tested the capabilities of the yet-to-be-released Azure Synapse in a customer's environment. You can read about the pilot in the blog. The fact that Cloud1 is chosen as a partner for piloting new, unreleased products speaks volumes about the level of expertise within the company.

The recruitment process provided a realistic view of the company.


The more Complex the Challenge, the Better

Aleksi greatly enjoys problem-solving and approaches challenges with the mindset that the trickier the problem, the better. In addition to problem-solving, one of his key motivators is the opportunity to expand his own skill set.

Aleksi's goal is not only to deepen his expertise but also to broaden it. He considers the opportunity to develop his skills as one of the most important motivators at work, perhaps even more important than salary or other compensation. In the highly competitive IT industry job market, it can be challenging to stand out based solely on salary. For many professionals like Aleksi, increasing their own knowledge capital is the top priority.

At Cloud1, investing systematically in expertise is essential because the industry is evolving rapidly. For a company that prides itself on being at the forefront of the market, stagnation is not an option, as competitors are constantly emerging.

Cloud1 focuses on developing expertise not only through individual experts but also through time allocation and organizational models. Employees are not pigeonholed into becoming specialists in a single narrow area; instead, they are given flexibility based on their interests and motivations. On the other hand, serving clients from various industries brings new perspectives and data needs every day, forcing them to tackle challenges from new angles. They also dedicate  time to reflection and internal process improvement.

Have the Promises been Fulfilled?

With a little over 6 months of experience, how does it look now? The promises have been fulfilled, Aleksi assures. Despite having high expectations, they have been met.

Participation in internal development is encouraged, and the staff is not viewed as robotic resources. Colleagues are knowledgeable and friendly, supporting each other. Unnecessary bureaucracy hasn't been evident; the work environment is flexible.

It's great that there is an opportunity to participate in the company's development.


Aleksi has been particularly impressed by how customers are approached with fairness. Transparency is the focal point in everything they do, and Cloud1 strives to make itself replaceable in a certain way.

Responsibility is one of Cloud1's values, so it's great to see that this value is reflected in practical terms. It is evident in customer work, for example, by never wanting to put the customer in a situation where they are locked into one supplier. In projects, billing is based only on the work that has been done. The project's target price does not dictate billing; rather, it's based on the actual work performed.

Aleksi believes that this approach is in the best interest of both Cloud1 and the customer because strong customer relationships and trust-based partnerships are typically the keys to a successful outcome. Working in such a setting at the customer interface is meaningful.


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