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The New CEO of 'Finland's most Discrete Cloud House', Tuomo Riihentupa, is Tuning Teams to run Harder than Others

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Cloud1 is recognized among its customers as a cloud house that does things others are just learning. This requires continuous development of expertise and keeping pace with the latest megatrends. The growth in data volume and related challenges are the most significant drivers for the company.

Tuomo Riihentupa, the new CEO of Microsoft's Azure data and cloud service company, aims to make all data in the cloud productive. He describes his employer as “Finland’s most discrete cloud house.”

Riihentupa was selected for the CEO position in what could be considered the best possible way. He spent several years on the client side, as a subscriber, and during that time, developed a vision of what makes Cloud1 different compared to other cloud operators.

Values are crucial for Cloud1, and Riihentupa encapsulates the goal as achieving profitable growth while respecting values and cherishing visionary thinking. The company aims to distribute more responsibility to its staff. It's precisely the values of pioneering, professionalism, and openness that are fundamental for building the future.

Openness means that Cloud1 does not bind itself to customers in ways that are disadvantageous to them, such as copyrights and contract terms. Instead, competitive advantage is derived from expertise and the ability to outpace others.

“We are open to being freely copied. We can create a solution according to the customer's concept for another provider because we trust in our speed and our ability to keep up with the cloud. We focus on architecture, which is crystallized in our core promise ‘Architects of Digitality.’ Thus, we see further.”

“The IT sector has been in a rapid growth spiral in recent years, and the hype associated with the industry has taken various forms. We leave circus tricks to others and focus on being the best partner for our customers and a community that fosters wellbeing for our staff.”

Cloud1 is also a pioneer in creating work motivation for its staff. In the competitive IT industry, many companies emphasize the importance of their staff, but Cloud1 has already made significant progress in this area. This is evident in how the organization has been tuned to an international level without much fanfare. It's motivating to work on creating a digital future.

“We might be Finland's most discrete and least self-promoting cloud house. I joined Cloud1 not because of its image, but due to the incredible professional expertise of the people and their visionary approach. I was a client of Cloud1 before and was simply convinced by the quality of their work. That made it an easy decision to take on the CEO role,” summarizes Riihentupa.


More information:

CEO  Tuomo Riihentupa, +358 414311887


Lähteet: https://www.epressi.com/tiedotteet/telekommunikaatio/suomen-hillityimman-pilvitalon-uusi-toimitusjohtaja-tuomo-riihentupa-virittaa-tiimeja-juoksemaan-kovempaa-kuin-muut.html